Feed Division


Supplemental Protein

Our most popular supplement is our QLF Range 40. Range 40 is a 40% protein liquid feed that allows for forage utilization, support of improved gains, and reproductive efficiency. With a flexible application, Range 40 can be fed to cattle using lick tanks, forage treatments, bale processers, and TMR diets. 

Along with our liquid feed we also carry different varieties of lick tubs.

Producers are using Ignite 40 tubs year round. They provide cattle with a vitamin and mineral package andcontrolled consumption. These tubs are beneficial for your herd on dry grass or corn stalks. 

During the spring months the 18% tub is utilized. This tub has Availa 4 for stress and bio-mos to enhance feed efficiency and immune system development. Younger animals in the herd flourish.

 We also carry a 100lb Rancher's Choice 18% All-Purpose tub.